Reiki is a wonderful energetic healing technique that can be used for general healing, relaxation, pain management, stress management, assisting life transitions, connecting to the inner or higher self, aiding spiritual work, you name it.  

Reiki can be generally defined as "spiritually guided universal healing energy".  Reiki healing is provided through either a laying on of hands light touch or a hands off technique depending on the situation.  During a Reiki session, the healer is there to assist in setting the healing intention and permitting a refreshed flow of energy to enter the client to allow whatever it may be that the body, mind and spirit are in need of at the time.   Reiki can do no harm, and every person may have their own experience as to what a Reiki session is like for them.  Some experience warmth through the healer's hands, some feel tingling, some sense colors or have an emotional release- the possibilities are as varied as the client population.  Reiki is a great holistic healing tool that is beneficial in numerous circumstances such as pain relief, many medical issues, mental or emotional issues, and always as a source of great and deep relaxation and rejuvenation.  

Reiki is not by any means intended to replace any medical treatment, but to help to treat the energetic aspect of ourselves which usually goes untreated by modern medicine as it focuses on the physical body.  Anyone can benefit from the healing possibilities of an increased flow of natural energy, and the increased self-love, nurturing and grounding that it brings.  A Reiki session is a deeply relaxing, comfortable healing experience that is meant to help you heal and enliven your body, mind, emotions and spirit.